Pheasant shooting

Welcome to experience high quality pheasant hunting in open, beautiful agricultural landscapes in the surroundings of Stora Sundby Castle. The hunt is conducted with a drive chain over fields and in hills and the shooters walk between the drives.

Arrival at Stora Sundby is usually set to the day before, in time for dinner followed by a night at the castle. The shoot starts the next morning, usually with 5-6 drives over the day. Refreshments are provided in the field and lunch is served in the old castle kitchen. The shoot ends with a game parade in front of the castle.

The pheasant hunt at Stora Sundby takes place from October to January. The appropriate number of hunters is 8-10. Several hunting combinations are possible, please contact us with your requests.

For bookings, prices and enquiries please contact Mauritz Klingspor or Niels Einshöj:

Mauritz Klingspor
Tel: +46 706-70 70 02
Mail: [email protected]

Niels Einshöj
Tel: +46 707-22 67 84
Mail: [email protected]