Mixed hunting

For those seeking a varied hunting experience, Stora Sundby offers mixed hunting with stand hunting, driving and battue, plus hunting with flushing dogs. Over the course of three days, you will be able to hunt moose, fallow and red deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon and foxes in the stunning landscape around the estate.

The hunt usually begins with stand hunting for wild boar from a high-seat, which offers good chances of a close shot at a stationary boar. Guests are looked after by the estate’s professional team of gamekeepers on battue and driving hunts, or hunting with flushing dogs. A drive can also be arranged in the estate’s deer park, with good chances of coming across fallow deer and mouflon. Self-catering accommodation is provided in the Steward’s House close to the castle, with space for 8-12 guests, or in Sand, the house on the shore of Lake Hjälmaren, which can accommodate 6-8 people.

Stora Sundby offers mixed hunting from October to January. Suitable for parties of 7-10 guns. We are open to your requests, and are more than willing to put together a hunting experience to suit you.

Animals are brought down in line with current rules, and prices are as listed.

For bookings, prices and enquiries please contact Mauritz Klingspor or Niels Einshöj:

Mauritz Klingspor
Tel: +46 706-70 70 02
Mail: [email protected]

Niels Einshöj
Tel: +46 707-22 67 84
Mail: [email protected]