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Here at Stora Sundby we are proud to offer one of the best duck shooting experiences in Sweden. As a guest, you will be able to experience shooting in the stunning landscape in and around the castle estate, by ponds in the forest, on fields and meadows and in the inlets of Lake Hjälmaren.



Arrival at Stora Sundby is usually set to the day before, in time for dinner followed by a night at the castle. The shoot starts the next morning, usually with 4-5 drives over the day, with a break for lunch in the old smithy or, weather permitting, in the orangery. If the conditions are right, we can offer a magnificent drive in the bay, with shooting from pontoons against the atmospheric backdrop of the castle.


For bookings, prices and enquiries, please contact Mauritz Klingspor, email: [email protected] Tel: + 46 706 70 70 02 or Niels Einshöj, email: [email protected], tel: +46 707-226 784.