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Moose hunting

Each year in mid-October, we arrange hunts for our largest game in the tranquil forests around Lake Hjälmaren. The hunt is conducted in the classic manner, with beaters moving across a large area. The moose usually approach the stand at a calm pace, presenting a fine opportunity for a clean shot.


Arrival at Stora Sundby is usually set to the day before, in time for dinner followed by a night at the castle. The hunt starts early the next morning with a briefing and transport to the hunting area, where you will be guided to your stand. Four drives are usually conducted over the day, with relocation in between. In the middle of the day, the hunters gather for lunch together in the rustic old smithy on the estate. On request, the final drive may take place in the deer park next to the castle. The day of hunting ends with a gathering and a classic game parade in front of the castle.


The moose hunting at Stora Sundby usually takes place in the second week of October. Suitable for parties of 12-16 guns. We are able to arrange most shooting and hunting combinations. Please contact us to find out more.


For bookings, prices and enquiries, please contact Johan Klingspor, email: [email protected], tel: +46 706-97 47 15 or Niels Einshöj, email: [email protected], tel: +46 707-226 784.